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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Time Kapsule

“A Legacy of Achievement, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood in North Texas”
(An abbreviated history of the Dallas Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.)

The legacy continues.........
Time Kapsule

Charter Members

NAME                                                      CHAPTER                                                    YEAR

                       L. C. Anderson


                       Charles Bynum                                                  Epsilon                                             Spring 1924   


                        S. H. Davis                                           

William Henry Fort                                           Alpha Delta                                      Spring 1928 

                        Carl Jack Hines 

J. S. Jacques                                                        Epsilon                                             Spring 1921 

Samuel E. Lassiter                                                   Xi                                                Spring 1920


                        Bert V. Wadkins                                                     Beta                                                Fall 1929

                         Richard S. Watson                                              Epsilon                                             Spring 


                         Floyd F. Wilkerson                                             Marshall Alumni                             Spring 1934 

L. Virgil Williams                                                     Pi                                                Spring 1922








Charter Members
“Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.” 

Why is Dallas Alumni called “The Mecca?”

1. We are the oldest and most prestigious chapter in North Texas.

 2. We are the 2nd largest chapter in the largest state in the largest province in Kappa.

 3. We support several organizations and causes both locally and nationally.

 4. We have a membership that consists of business, educational, community and political leaders.

 5. We have been awarded Chapter of the Year at the Grand Chapter and Province levels.

 6. We hosted one of the best ever Conclaves in 1988.

 7. We have hosted a Grand Board of Directors meeting and numerous provincial meetings.

 8. We have produced 3 Elder Watson Diggs Awardees.

 9. We have produced 4 Southwestern Province Polemarchs.

 10. We have produced other officers and leaders at the Grand Chapter and Province levels.

 11. We have a Kappa League program that is one of the best in the entire fraternity.

 12. We have our own fraternity house (since 1990) that is located in the heart of the community.

 13. We have our own 501 C3 non-profit arm (Guide Right Foundation of Dallas, Inc.)

 14. We have hosted our signature social event (Kappa Karnival / Kasino Night) for over 30 years.

 15. We host one of the largest annual Kappa gatherings/reunions each fall (PV/Grambling Tailgate.)

 16. In 2013 Dallas Alumni became the new host chapter for a revamped annual summer youth program, 
       Kappa Kamp


Kontact Us

The Dallas [TX] Alumni Chapter

 Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

2515 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75215


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